We are both so grateful for Natalie and her involvement with the delivery of our son. It was such a positive experience, much more than my first delivery. She was calming, encouraging, full of suggestions.


- Sarah & Scott    


I wish Natalie could help every mother, especially first time mothers through their labor.


- Sarah & Scott   

Working as co-doulas with Natalie was a fabulous experience. I learned from her preparation before the birth, and her consideration for both the parents throughout the birth. She brings humor and compassion for parents to find comfort in, while being a wealth of information for everyone to learn from.



Thank you for helping us through the birth of our baby girl.  Your calming spirit helped me stay focused and remain encouraged during my labor.  As a new mother, I needed extra support during labor and delivery and I received it.  I’m so glad that we met and that you were able to support us through this journey.



Natalie was everything we needed and expected in a doula: supportive, confident and prepared. But more than that, she exceeded our expectations as first time parents through her compassionate and personable style. She brought such enthusiasm and sincerity to the process that by the end we felt we had known her for years.

Amy & Justin


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